The General Administration(protocol) look after the visit of State Guests and other dignitaries.

Functions of GAB (Protocol)

  1. To issue State Guest order and other correspondences.
  2. Arrangements are made for State Guests and dignitaries such as transportation, accommodation, security, PSO, Liaison officers, meetings, site visit etc.
  3. The Protocol Section ties up with the other State Govts and ministries regarding the visits.The Section also  liaise with the  concerned Departments in connection with the      dignitaries visit.
  4. The State Protocol Officer and the Addl. State Protocol Officer represent the State Govt. in receiving  and seeing off the Guests at the place of arrival and departure or at the State Borders. The SPO and ASPO accompany the Guests till their departure.


The administrative organization of GAB (protocol) is as such:

            Designation                Cadre strength                      Responsibilities


 State Protocol Officer                1                                          Receives & sends off the guests and dignitaries.He also                                                                                                                                                             accompany  them till their departure.Supervise and monitor all the works allotted                                                                                                        to subordinate Officers and staff

Addl. State Protocol Officer       1                                        Same as stated above.

Section Officer                              1                                         Assist SPO and ASPO in supervising and monitoring work

Junior Section Officer                1                                         Examine and process the papers in file for necessary  action.

Secretariat Assistant                  1                                         As stated above

Typist                                             2                                         They do the typing works.

Peon                                                2                                         Handle office files,daks and deliver message/information and letters.