Functions of Nazarat Branch:

  1. Purchase and issue of Stationery items to all the Departments/Branches in the Secretariat
  2. Purchase and issue of furniture items like Tables, Chair, Almirahs, Computer tables, File racks, Sofa seats etc. and issue of furnishing items such as Carpets, Curtains, Cushions to all the Departments/Branches in the Secretariat.
  3. Purchase and issue and maintenance of Machines such as Computers, Photostat machine, Copy Printer machine, Fax, Type writer, Duplicating machine and their accessories and consumable items as per requirement.
  4. Purchase and issue of cleaning equipments and items required for the over all upkeep, maintenance and beautification of the Secretariat building and its surroundings.
  5. Accommodation of all Officers, Departments, Branches under the State Government and others such as the NIC, Bank, Post office, Canteens, Security personnel’s, Water and Electricity Bill payments Counters, Nursing Stations of the Medical Department, Meat sales counters of the Veterinary Departments, BSNL franchisee counter etc.
  6. Allotment of Office rooms in the Old Secretariat Complex, Old Assembly Secretariat Complex and Old ATI Complex.
  7. Regulation on the use of the Zonal Council Hall and the Secretariat Conference Hall by various Governmental Departments and various NGOs and it’s over all maintenance.
  8. Arrangement of refreshment for all Officials Meetings of the Heads of Departments.
  9. General Supervision of the works and other repairs and renovation works that are taken up by the Housing Department in the Secretariat Complex from time to time.
  10. To ensure availability of alternative Power supply from the Generator during Power failure in the Secretariat.