Functions of political branch:

The Branch is under Home Department and its Administrative Head is the Home Commissioner. It deals with the following :

  1. Matters relating to Political parties and their activities
  2. Matters relating to Political and administrative importance
  3. Intelligence reports on political activities
  4. Matters relating to law and order
  5. Internal security
  6. Political offences,
  7. Compilation of materials for Governor’s speech during the Budget session of the State Legislative Assembly
  8. Fortnightly Confidential Reports
  9. Cipher Code
  10. Reports on Sabotage/espionage
  11. Protection of vital installations during strike and anti-Government
  12. War Book
  13. Enforcement of provisions of Inner line Regulations relating to issue of permits and possession of land by Non-indigenous inhabitants of Nagaland
  14. Issue of Protected/Restricted Area Permits to Foreigners
  15. Nationality
  16. Passport and Visa
  17. Matters relating to Foreigners Act
  18. Nominal Roll of Foreign Missionaries
  19. Gallantry Awards
  20. Honors, Tittles, and Awards
  21. Determination of ceremonial procedure and warrant of precedence
  22. Visits of VIPs including President, Vice-President, and Prime Minister
  23. Rules, Regulations correspondence with Foreign Government
  24. Inter-State-Migration
  25. Death of High dignitaries’ action to be taken.