Power & Duties

Minister-in-Charge (Home)

Minister-in-Charge makes the decision in all Policy matters. Important Policy Matters are put up to the Cabinet for approval.

Home Commissioner

Principal Secretary/Home Commissioner makes the final decision in all routine office works.


The Secretary makes changes if any and send back the files with suggestions so that when the files reaches Principal Secretary/Home Commissioner the clear picture of the subject matter is projected for decision.

Alld. Secretary

The Additional Secretary goes through all the daks and files and after examining the files gives clear picture of the subject matter to the higher authority for final decision on the matter and further correct and rectify the subject matter if any.

Under Secretary

Under Secretary is an officer in-charge of a branch and exercises control both in discharge of business and the maintenance of discipline. He acts as a link between the office and the senior officers of the branch. He forwards all important documents to the Deputy Secretary/Joint Secretary and sometimes disposes cases of minor nature .


(1) Junior Section Officer and Section Officer: Supervises and controls the working system in the branch and maintain attendance of Staff.

(2) Secretariat Assistant (SA) and UDA: process all the papers/cases received from respective Department and maintain files.

(3)  L.D.A: Looks after receipt and dispatch of daks

(4) Typist: Deals in all typing matters

(5) Peons: Peon act as a Link between branch and higher authority by delivering files, messages, information etc.